John Travolta and Nancy Allen in Brian De Palma's "Blow Out" (1981)

Blow Out (1981) Written and directed by Brian De Palma. John Travolta as Jack Terry and Nancy Allen as Sally.

Sally: Every face needs makeup, but it shouldn’t look like makeup.
Jack: Oh, I see.
Sally: You see, I’ve worked on this face and I’ve hidden everything so you don’t see the makeup.
Jack: You got makeup on right now?
Sally: I do.
Jack: I don’t believe it. I don’t believe it!
Sally: Absolutely! And you see, this took me two hours… and this is the no-makeup look.
Jack: Really? Well I would like to see what the makeup look looks like. I bet that’s good, huh?
Sally: Well, I… I only do that for special occasions.

3 Responses to “Blow Out (1981)”

  1. I’d say this is my favorite De Palma with the recently-posted DRESSED TO KILL as the first runner-up. Stylistically and thematically this may well be the ‘quintessential’ De Palma film.

  2. I agree with Mr Juliano. Blow Out is De Palma finally making Kael not look like a big fat liar when she offers effusive praise for her favorite adolescent crush.

  3. Love Blow Out. It’s probably my favorite too though I really dig Carrie as well.

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