Jessica Lange in Frances (1982)

Frances (1982) Directed by Graeme Clifford. Jessica Lange as Frances Farmer and James Broadhead as the Desk Sergeant.

Sergeant: Your name?
Frances: You jerks dragged me down here in the middle of the night and you don’t know who the hell I am?
Sergeant: Your name, lady.
Frances: Frances. Elena. Farmer. Want me to spell it?
Sergeant: Your address.
Frances: Put me down as a vag. Vagrant. Vagabond… What is this, a joke? It’s a joke? Assault and battery? Huh? I barely touched that bitch.
Sergeant: Occupation.
Frances: Cocksucker.

2 Responses to “Frances (1982)”

  1. Ha! That’s quite a passage there!

    I remember it and the film quite well. Not a great film, but Lange was memorable for sure.

  2. I remember it more fondly than it actually turned out to be. I guess seeing it in high school had a pretty big impact. But yeah. Lange is great.

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