Robert Ryan and Ed Begley in Robert Wise's "Odds Against Tomorrow" (1959)

Odds Against Tomorrow (1959) Directed by Robert Wise. Robert Ryan as Earle Slater and Ed Begley as Dave Burke.

Burke: I know about you, Earle. Two stretches. One for assault with a deadly weapon, one for manslaughter. Every time you get a decent job you manage to…
Slater: Knock it off! What’s so big about you, Burke? How come you make so much noise? You been sniffin’ around trying to find a hole in the fence just like everybody else. What makes you so big you can call me up to this dump and shoot off your mouth?

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  1. A bank heist tale with a racial underpinnings, the tight script was written by noir icon Abraham Polonsky and superbly acted by Robert Ryan, Ed Begley and Harry Belafonte, atmospherically lensed by Joseph Brun, and containing a brilliant jazz score by John Lewis. Unquestionably one of Robert Wise’s greatest films.

  2. agreed. a great film noir with some fantastic performances. Maybe my favorite Robert Wise film.

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