Vincent Gardenia in "Death Wish" (1974)

Death Wish (1974) Directed by Michael Winner. Vincent Gardenia as Inspector Frank Ochoa

Ochoa: This is your gun, Mr. Kersey. We tried to give you a chance to get rid of it. You wouldn’t take it. Do you hear me okay? We, uh… have here a peculiar situation, Mr. Kersey. We find it necessary to make you a proposition since you are not gonna favor us by dying. You, uh, work for a company with lots of offices. Get a transfer to another city… and I will drop this gun in the river. Are we connecting, Mr. Kersey? We want you to get outta New York… permanently.

2 Responses to “Death Wish (1974)”

  1. I’d describe this particular film as a “guilty please.” But I know at least a few would regard it even more highly. And then there are some who will roundly dismiss it. Ha!

  2. I remember this being a huge deal when I was a little kid, though at the time I was too young to understand the political ins and outs of it. All these years later, it seems tame, but it’s still highly manipulative. Effectively so for the most part and I don’t think the politics of it are as clear cut as the film’s early detractors seemed to think. Still, not a great film. Vincent Gardenia was my favorite part.

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