Richard Gaines, Charles Coburn and Jean Arthur in George Stevens' "The More the Merrier" (1943)

The More the Merrier (1943) Directed by George Stevens. Richard Gaines as Charles J. Pendergast, Charles Coburn as Benjamin Dingle and Jean Arthur as Connie Milligan.

Pendergast: Now see here, Mr. Dingle. If there’s a scandal, you’re responsible. You put us all in a bad light.
Dingle: I know it was cowardly of me, but I can’t afford…
Pendergast: You can’t afford? You’re going back to Michigan tomorrow. I have to stay right here. I’m engaged to Ms. Milligan. Our engagement is widely known. You get off scot-free by lying and I’m right in the middle of things!
Dingle: But you’re a young man, Charlie.
Pendergast: I am a young man, yes, with a career that’s just beginning.
Connie: Yes. By all means, let’s protect your career. I don’t matter. My position doesn’t make any difference at all. It’s only Charles J. Pendergast!
Pendergast: Shhh!
Connie: Don’t you shush me! You’ve been shushing me for twenty-two months now. You’ve shushed your last shush! For twenty-two months I’ve been engaged to a career, not a man. (She takes off her ring and hands it to him.) Here, perhaps this will relieve you of this embarrassing situation. Now, take your career and go run for cover!

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  1. Charles Coburn is delightful in his Oscar winning comedic role in a film that some think is overrated, but I have always had warm feelings for. Splendid dialogue choice there!

  2. I’d never seen this one before watching it for this MQotD. What an odd little film. Good though. The mix of personalities between Coburn, McCrea and Arthur is pretty great. As I said above, I’d have given the Oscar to Arthur over Jones, but then I’m biased towards Arthur already.

  3. No problem at all with being biased for Arthur! She is truly a fantastic actress! I loved her in MR. SMITH too.

  4. Sign me up for Only Angels Have Wings.

  5. Seconding Only Angels Have Wings. I appreciate it more and more every time I watch it and Arthur is wonderful. As is Cary Grant and all the familiar character actors of that time who appeared in it like ‘Uncle Billy’ (Thomas Mitchell). :-)

  6. Uncle Billy!

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