Charles Boyer and Alexis Smith in "The Constant Nymph" (1943)

The Constant Nymph (1943) Directed by Edmund Goulding. Charles Boyer as Lewis Dodd and Alexis Smith as Florence Creighton

Lewis: I will not be told what I must or must not do. I’ve never permitted myself to be bullied and I’m not going to start now. I’m not a child.
Florence: Aren’t you behaving like one?
Lewis: If there is one thing in the world I hate, it is your class of upper class. Pompous, hard headed, domineering.
Florence: Now you’re becoming rude. If you hated my class, why did you…
Lewis: I know. I know. Why did I marry you? Well, you’ve said that before and each time you ask, I find it more difficult to answer.
Florence: Darling, you’ll not dare say such a thing to me.
Lewis: I do dare! I have dared and it is the blunt truth!
Florence: Whatever you feel, it’s most un-gallant and cruel of you to say such a thing to my face.
Lewis: Well, you dislike the truth. I’m sorry I haven’t got the gift for that mental sleight of hand you people call manners.

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  1. Joan Fontaine’s greatest performance in my opinion is the extraordinarily moving one she gave in Max Ophuls’ 1948 LETTER FROM AN UNKNOWN WOMAN, but her work in REBECCA and in THE CONSTANT NYMPH is exceptional. Boyer is great in this film as well, and for music score fans we have a magnificent contribution here from the great Erich Wolfgang Korngold.

    That’s quite the dialogue exchange there!

  2. The thing about Rebecca and Suspicion is that Fontaine is restrained and kind of mousy. She’s refreshing in The Constant Nymph because she’s playful and girlish and energetic. I’d have to compare it to Unknown Woman side by side, but this is my favorite Fontaine of the ones I’ve seen lately. It’s another performance from this Oscar year I’d rate above Jennifer Jones’.

  3. I loved Jones in BERNADETTE, but I would have to agree with you here Craig. I voted Fontaine as the Best Actress of 1943 a few weeks ago in out annual poll for that year.

    The winner from the voters though was none of these, but the Danish Lizabeth movin for Dreyer’s DAY OF WRATH.

  4. I’m being unfair to Jones because of the part she had to play which isn’t very fair.

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