James Craig and Marsha Hunt in "The Human Comedy" (1943)

The Human Comedy (1943) Directed by Clarence Brown. James Craig as Tom Spangler and Marsha Hunt as Diana Steed

Diana: You will come to dinner, won’t you? You must, you know.
Tom: Dinner?
Diana: No! You promised. Yes you did. Mother and father are dying to meet you. Seven o’clock sharp…
Tom: Take it easy. Just don’t rush me!
Diana: Darling, you can’t disappoint me again, can you?
Tom: Nothing’s going to disappoint you, so just take it easy! Seven o’clock sharp… What do you mean “sharp?” I never do anything sharp.  And what do you want me to come to dinner for?
Diana: Because I love you darling!
Tom: Every time you start that kind of talk, I want to duck…

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  1. It”s Capra-esque and exceedingly sentimental, but overall it’s charming and irresistible and a trademark offering from it’s accomplished director, Clarence Brown. Rooney is wonderful. I own the Warner Archives DVD, which is quite fine.

  2. I’ve never been able to stand Rooney so I steered well clear of this one forever, but I have to admit it sucked me in. The part where he delivers the telegram to the woman whose son has died, but she doesn’t speak English so he has to read it to her got me.

    I’m going to have to turn in my cynics card.

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