Michael Wilding and Noel Coward in "In Which We Serve" (1943)

In Which We Serve (1942) Written and directed by Noel Coward. Michael Wilding as Flags and Noel Coward as Captain E. V. Kinross R.N.

Capt. Kinross: Here comes the dawn of a new day, Flags. I shouldn’t be surprised if it were a fairly uncomfortable one.
Flags: Yes, sir. Very pretty sky, sir. Somebody sent me a calendar rather like that last Christmas.
Capt. Kinross: Did it have a squadron of Dorniers in the upper right hand corner?
Flags: No, sir.
Capt. Kinross: That’s where art parts company with reality.

2 Responses to “In Which We Serve (1942)”

  1. The film is an acknowledged classic, and it’s certainly well-made and stirring, but it’s also well known as one of the most noted of propaganda films, and hence caught in a time vacuum.

  2. It’s pretty corny, but taken in context it goes down well.

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