Tom Noonan in Michael Mann's "Manhunter" (1986)

Manhunter (1986) Written and directed by Michael Mann. Tom Noonan as Francis Dollarhyde

Dollarhyde: Before me, you are a slug in the sun. You are privy to a great awakening and you recognize nothing. You’re an ant in the afterbirth. It is your nature to do one thing correctly: tremble. But fear is not what you owe me. No, Lounds. You and the others… you owe me awe!

5 Responses to “Manhunter (1986)”

  1. So much more enjoyable than the Silence of the Lambs prequel and sequel. Part of that is due simply to William Petersen being an 80s bad-ass.

  2. Petersen is great. So are Noonan and Cox. It’s odd though to go back and watch AFTER Silence of the Lambs since that film really etched the character in people’s minds.

  3. So much better than RED DRAGON. Ratner just didn’t get that what makes Dolarhyde such a creepy villain is his unnatural stillness. Helps if the actor playing him is 6 1/2 feet tall.

  4. I prefer MANHUNTER vastly to SILENCE OF THE LAMBS as well.

  5. Perhaps part of the reason is that I have never been the Michael Mann fan that many others are, but I definitely prefer THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS for a number of reasons. But I respect those who feel otherwise.

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