Pam Grier in "Foxy Brown" (1974)

Foxy Brown (1974) Written and directed by Jack Hill. Pam Grier as Foxy Brown, Antonio Fargas as Link Brown (not pictured) and Sally Ann Stroud as Deb (not pictured)

Foxy: (as she finishes trashing Link’s apartment) You’re movin’ out, brother. Outta town! And I mean it, Link. You think you’re back in with those people, but they got a stick of dynamite up your ass and the fuse is burnin’. You understand me? Now, I want you out! O-U-T! (tips over the wardrobe and storms out)
Deb: Who does she think she is?
Link: That’s my sister, baby, and she’s a whole lotta woman.

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  1. I’ve never seen this film, but I do get the gist here. Ha!

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