Bob Hoskins in "The Long Good Friday" (1980)

The Long Good Friday (1980) Directed by John Mackenzie. Bob Hoskins as Harold Shand and Derek Thompson as Jeff (not pictured)

Harold: (hangs up the phone) This is… a diabolical liberty!
Jeff: What is it?
Harold: Blown up. He’s dead. Eric is dead. A car bomb.
Jeff: Aye?
Harold: Mother’s all right. Suffering from shock. She’s in the London hospital…
Jeff: I don’t understand.
Harold: You need a million dollar computer to understand this. Who’d do such a thing? It’s outrageous! Outside a church? You don’t go crucifying people outside a church – not on Good Friday!

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  1. And the dialogue here of course is perfect for this 2013 GOOD FRIDAY. A classic with a classic Hoskins performance.

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