William Powell and Lauren Bacall in "How to Marry a Millionaire" (1953)

How to Marry a Millionaire (1953) Directed by Jean Negulesco from a screenplay by Nunnally Johnson. William Powell as J.D. Hanley and Lauren Bacall as Schatze Page.

Shatze: What I’m trying to tell you, J.D., is that I’ve always liked older men. Look at Roosevelt. Look at Churchill. Look at that old fellow whatsisname in African Queen… Absolutely crazy about him.

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  1. That was a pretty good movie :) caught it when they were celebrating Marilyn’s anniversary on TCM. I’m a little miffed that the bluray release has a transition image issue every time there’s a fade out, though.

  2. Ha! Great line. Sorry to hear that report on the blu-ray release Amy. Bummer.

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