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If you’re on the Twitters or the Facebook, you might already know I’m going to the Cannes Film Festival this year, but I was waiting until all the ducks were in a row before making an official announcement here on the blog. Yes, as unlikely as it seems, the passport is ready, the press pass is approved, the plane tickets are purchased and the lodging reservations are made. I’m going and there’s not a goddamn thing standing in my way.

I know, the last few months have not been the finest in the history of Living in Cinema, but I assure you I had no intention of devolving into nothing more than a Movie Quote of the Day. Of course longtime readers will know that I’ve always had unscheduled lulls in output, but I don’t recall one going on quite as long as this last. I don’t believe in excuses so I’m not going to make any. It is what it is or it was what it was, and I’m moving on. To Cannes, bitches!

All of my official writing on the festival which kicks off on May 15 will be for Awards Daily, but I’ll be linking to it here and I’m thinking about doing some sort of informal diary-type “so this is what Cannes is like” pieces which I’ll be publishing here.

I’m hoping to use the festival are sort of a relaunching of my enthusiasm for the whole blog thing in general. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about what LiC was, what is has become and what it could be in the future. Things are all kind of up in the air at the moment, but I’m feeling some momentous changes afoot one way or another.

So anyway, I want to give an especial shout out to those of you who have stuck with me through this disconcerting dry spell. In a very real way, I owe this exciting Cannes opportunity to you.

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  1. Congratulations, Craig! This is wonderful! I am most certainly looking forward to your coverage of everything Cannes next month, my friend.

  2. Merci Alexander. I still don’t quite believe it’s real.

  3. You still keeping your blog active is better than my film viewing in April. 4 bad films in a row (3 of them as 1.5/5 and Bottom 15 of 2011 films – the other one is a 2.25/5), but I’m watching Gone Baby Gone at the moment.

    Nice to hear you’re going to Cannes. Have fun there and let me know what should I watch.

  4. Sounds awesome. Maybe you’ll run into Ari there, since he’s got a short film playing.

  5. This is extraordinary news and I wish you an unforgettable sojourn there! And your follow-up coverage will be priceless!!!!!

  6. Rodrigo, at least I know I haven’t missed much moviewise in the last couple of months. A few odds and ends, but even now I look at the listings and it doesn’t inspire a ton of enthusiasm. It’s getting better though.

    Paul, yes I’m hoping to catch up to Ari and I’m really happy he has the opportunity to bring his terrific short. In a perfect world I’ll get to see it there with an audience, but it sounds like this is a filmmaker only type deal. Either way I’m definitely playing to hook up at some point.

    Thanks Sam. Needless to say I’m super excited. A little bewildered still, a month and a half ago this didn’t even seem like a possibility worth taking a stab at… but now here we are with just 4 weeks before the festival and I’m all set.

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