The Limey (1999) directed by Steven Soderbergh. Screenplay by Lem Dobbs.
Terence Stamp as Wilson and Luis Guzman as Eduardo Roel.

Eduardo: You know, you could see the sea out there, if you could see it.

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  1. Such a good role for Stamp. This is my favorite Soderbergh flick and maybe (I know this invites disagreement) his best.

  2. It’s my favorite Soderbergh film, so I will not disagree with you. I think arguments could and have been made for many of his other films, but I think the Limey encapsulates all the myriad elements of Soderbergh’s style and interests in a very fun and engaging film. Plus, it’s chockful of great performances from a cast of actors mostly forgotten or overlooked by Hollywood, which makes it even more fun to watch for me.

    “Tell me. Tell me about Jenny.”

    Oh, and in addition to everything else I’ve mentioned, the DVD has one of the best commentary tracks ever recorded.

  3. Oh man, if I didn’t know that Hobbs and Soderbergh continue to work together, I would have said that commentary was splitsville for both of them.

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