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I had hoped to take some time for regular updates about what the festival is like outside of the movies themselves, but between screenings, reviews, eating and sleep, I haven’t made the time for anything but a little bit of exploring and picture taking. So, by request, here’s a bunch of the photos I’ve snapped so far, beginning with the obligatory shot of the festival catalog and my blue press badge. For competition screenings, blue waits in line behind white badges, pink badges and pink badges with yellow dots, but in front of yellow badges. It’s actually a pretty funny hierarchy that a lot of people bitch and complain about, but my attitude the whole week has been: “It ain’t Chinatown, Jake. It’s friggin’ Cannes so quit your bitching.” I might be singing a different tune if I’d had a yellow badge however…

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  1. Utterly magnificent! I was waiting and hoping for these. The trip is incomparably fabulous just for the business at hand, but when you bring in the scenic locales and the life on the outside you chronicle what for the vast majority would be the trip of a lifetime. I am still laughing my ass off at this one: “Those are bigger than my apartment and my apartment neither floats not contains hooker nor blow.” And your word play on the badge colors is second in the laughter department. Ha! Have you been utilizing your decent French language skills, and has the opportunity availed itself during your stay?

    But what a beautiful photo album!

  2. Craig, if I might ask have you heard any rumblings yet as to what film or films are now being seen as favorite (s) to capture the Palme d’Or?

  3. Sam, I regret that I don’t know more than a few French phrases, though I’ve found that the locals seem to enthusiastically appreciate the effort. If there’s a next year, I hope to be better prepared in that department. It’s fun to interact with the people who live here.

    As for the Palme, it’s a tough call. I find that even people who think they know don’t seem to know. It all depends on the Jury which changes every year and this year you know it’s led by Steven Spielberg. My money so far is on The Past, though I’ve heard grumbling in many quarters that it’s too sentimental. The Hideki Koreda was very moving, though not entirely my cup of tea. I missed Jia Zhangke’s A Touch of Sin so with my luck that’ll be your winner!

  4. So awesome. Glad you’re having fun.

  5. Thank you so much for sharing these, Craig.

    I’m glad you’re enjoying yourself. And you have a balcony!

  6. Love the photography, Craig. It’s very evocative of place and circumstances. I think my favorite shot is the tiny street in an old part of town featuring a male figure lying on a bench with the deserted street falling away behind him. The lines produced by the curve of the street, the street posts, the slant of the buildings all pleasingly seem to stream past him.

  7. That’s my favorite too!

    Part of me wishes I could spend all my time walking around taking pictures and eating in restaurants, but it turns out there’s a little film festival going on at the same time.

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