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Craig Kennedy: Editor in Chief, Critic
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Updated December 5, 2010.

Since April of 2007, Living in Cinema has sought to shine a spotlight on the best of what movies have to offer. From the cream of the popular crop to the standouts among the more obscure independent and foreign films that come out each year, Living in Cinema is there.

The backbone of Living in Cinema is made up of movie reviews. Whether it’s 500 – 1500 word formal reviews, shorter  mini-reviews, or quick descriptions and/or opinions of what’s now playing, movies come first at Living in Cinema. Since not everyone can see a movie on opening day, Living in Cinema also tracks the most interesting movies from production to DVD release.

While production news happens every day, Living in Cinema is not based on the reporting of other websites. Instead, curated headlines with links as close as possible to the original source are included in daily posts as they happen.

Another important aspect of Living in Cinema is discussion. That’s where you come in. Whether you agree or disagree with this website’s point of view, your opinion is not only welcome, it is needed. At their best, movies are a conversation and it takes a multitude of perspectives to make any movie worthwhile. Living in Cinema is not just a platform to assert an attitude. Ideally it is a place where the remarkable alchemy of movies and the discussion about them can thrive.

Within that discussion, there’s no room for celebrity gossip. All that matters at Living in Cinema is what’s on screen and anything else is so much talk over the back fence. It means nothing. At the same time, Living in Cinema tries to put awards and box office talk in their place. There’s room for both in the overall movie conversation, but they’re not the most important part and they need to be kept in perspective.

Craig Kennedy is Living in Cinema’s creator and chief contributor. He is a member of the Online Film Critics Society.

All material contained within the domain livingincinema.com is copyright 2007-2011 by Craig Kennedy unless otherwise stated.

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