Whether you agree with him or not (I’m usually about 50/50), you can always count on Quentin Tarantino to deliver an eclectic and interesting list. 1.Midnight In Paris 2. Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes 3. Moneyball 4. The Skin I Live In 5. X-Men: First Class 6. Young Adult 7. Attack The Block (read…)

The Tree of Life

MOVIES OF THE YEAR: BRIDESMAIDS marches down the aisle of American comedy with a vow to make you laugh long and loud. Kristen Wiig’s comic star shines bright as her and Annie Mumolo’s ingenious script upends the wedding dream myth by capturing the horror of being named Maid of Honor. Raunchy and uproarious, the fiercely (read…)

Road to Nowhere

Looking back at the 218 new movies I’ve seen this past year, here’s a celebration of those I can’t stop talking or thinking about, and those I’m jumping at the chance to write about again. My top ten list is comprised of the films that were “released” this year, that would qualify for most Oscar (read…)

Kirsten Dunst in Lars von Trier's Melancholia

(singing) One of these films is is not like the others. One of these films is not the same. (coughcoughWarriorcough). Otherwise a terrific list. Be sure to check out Alison’s notes on each pick over at Movieline. 1. Melancholia 2. A Separation 3. Into the Abyss 4. Take Shelter 5. Margaret 6. The Tree of (read…)

In this morning’s orgy of list catching up, I neglected J. Hoberman of The Village Voice who bookends his personal top 10 with what he calls extra-theatrical projections. Be sure to hit The Voice for his explanations: The Clock 1. A Dangerous Method 2. Melancholia 3. Mysteries of Lisbon 4. Aurora 5. Seeking the Monkey (read…)

1. Poetry – Lee Chang-dong 2. Moneyball – Bennett Miller 3. Certified Copy – Abbas Kiarostami 4. The Descendants – Alexander Payne 5. The Interrupters – Steve James 6. Guy and Madeline on a Park Bench – Damien Chazelle 7. A Separation – Asghar Farhadi 8. The Tree of Life – Terrence Malick 9. Tinker (read…)

At least I think that’s his top film. Todd didn’t assign numbers to his list, but The Descendants is at the top and they’re not in alphabetical order. Plus, a picture from The Descendants illustrates the piece which you should read for the introduction and quick sentence each to explain the picks. The Descendants, Alexander (read…)

Another critic goes for The Tree of Life. You know, after the supposedly high and mighty NY and LA critics chickened out, I was expecting all the other critics and critics’ groups to pretty much follow suit, but a surprising number have praised Terrence Malick’s divisive film. Bring on the rest of the awards. I’ll (read…)

Lisa Schwarzbaum and Owen Glieberman weigh in on the best of 2011. Both critics offer there 5 worst films as well, but I don’t play that game. You can see those using the links below the post. Lisa Schwartzbaum: 1. Melancholia 2. Bridesmaids 3. The Artist 4. Hugo 5. A Separation 6. The Descendents 7. (read…)

The official print organ of the Film Society of Lincoln Center issued their Top 50 released films of 2011 on Friday. They’ve also got a list of the best unreleased films of 2011 which has some great titles, but seems kind of pointless and pretentious. It’s not like a cry of justice for a bunch (read…)

The Clock

The Clock, Christian Marclay’s 24-hour montage made up of bits of film and television depicting the passage of time and synchronized to the exact time of the location in which it’s playing, is more of an event than a film… or is it? Whatever. It’s Kenneth Turan’s favorite of 2011. After that, his list is (read…)

Kirsten Dunst in Lars von Trier's Melancholia

You can read the list and see the explanations from critics Sean Axmaker, Jim Emerson, Don Kaye, Glenn Kenny, Richard T. Jameson, Dave McCoy and Kim Morgan here, but it’s presented in irritating traffic-boosting slideshow format. You can also see lists of how the individual critics voted here. 1. Melancholia 2. The Tree of Life (read…)


There are a couple here I haven’t seen like Kinyarwanda, there are some surprising inclusions like Trust and Harry Potter, and of course there are a couple of films that won’t make shouting distance of my own Best Of list if I make one like The Descendants, but all in all I really like a (read…)

The staff at Slant Magazine of compiled an impressive Top 25 films of 2011. The top 10 is below, but be sure to hit Slant for a full list and blurbs. Also check out the individual ballots and films ranked 26 – 50. This list is a reminder I need to catch Tuesday After Christmas, (read…)

Jessica Chastain in The Tree of Life

Apparently AV Club critics Sam Adams, Noel Murray, Keith Phipps, Nathan Rabin, Tasha Robinson, Scott Tobias, and Alison Willmore did not get the memo that The Artist and The Descendants represent the pinnacle of filmmaking in 2011 and thank god for that. I’d have liked to have seen Margaret and Hugo ranked a little higher (read…)

These are all about a week old, but they escaped my original notice. David Denby (not numbered but not alphabetical so I’m assuming the ranking) via: The New Yorker 1. Hugo 2. The Tree of Life 3. Margin Call 4. Certified Copy 5. A Separation 6. Contagion 7. The Descendants 8. J. Edgar 9. Source (read…)

Yun Jung-hee in Lee Chang-dong's Poetry

He lists Melancholia 2nd because “ties are for wussies,” but declares it informally on par with #1 pick Poetry with Coriolanus and Take Shelter only a little behind. Be sure to hit Salon to read Mr. O’Hehir’s explanations for each pick. 1. Poetry 2. Melancholia 3. Take Shelter 4. Coriolanus 5. Mysteries of Lisbon 6. (read…)

George Clooney in The Descendants

1. The Descendants 2. Drive 3. Shame 4. Incendies 5. The Artist 6. Moneyball 7. Margin Call 8. Martha Marcy May Marlene 9. A Separation 10. Young Adult via: Huffington Post

People/groups who don’t rank their Top 10s are chicken. Just saying. Also, I’m assuming The Artist is only included in Special Awards because The American Film Institute only picks American films? Bridesmaids The Descendants The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo The Help Hugo J. Edgar Midnight In Paris Moneyball The Tree Of Life War Horse (read…)

Pedro Almodovar's The Skin I Live In

John Waters’ number three pick is Justin Bieber and he’s not kidding. Be sure to head over to Art Forum to read his quick explanations. 1. The Skin I Live In (Pedro Almodovar) 2. Mildred Pierce (Todd Haynes) 3. Justin Bieber: Never Say Never (Jon M. Chu) 4. Hadewijch (Bruno Dumont) 5. Kaboom (Gregg Araki) (read…)

Kiefer Sutherland, Kirsten Dunst and Alexander Skarsgard in Lars von Trier's Melancholia

A number of these have not yet graced US shores, but think of them as something to look forward to in the year ahead. A Burning Hot Summer (Philippe Garrel) Essential Killing (Jerzy Skolimowski) House of Tolerance (Bertrand Bonello) Meek’s Cutoff (Kelly Reichardt) Melancholia (Lars von Trier) Outside Satan (Bruno Dumont) The Strange Case of (read…)

Jean Dujardin in Michel Hazanavicius' The Artist

This list went up a few days ago and I forgot to post it. I’m pretty much alone in hating Detective Dee which is fine, but Fast Five? Really? It’s actually a decent flick and I liked it better than Detective Dee, but 10th best movie of the year? Interesting. 1. “The Artist” 2. “Hugo” (read…)

Michelle Williams in Kelly Reichardt's Meek's Cutoff

Anne Hornaday of the Washington Post weighs in with her Top 10 of 2011. Some very familiar faces (The Descendants, Moneyball, Drive), some surprising omissions (The Artist) and some nice picks a little on the edge (Meek’s Cutoff, Take Shelter, The Trip). Glad to see Win Win make the bottom of the list. If Oscar (read…)

Miranda July's The Future

Ryan Adams pulled this list from The New Yorker and rightly quoted Richard Brody’s lovely introduction: “2011 in cinema could be called, with apologies to Joan Didion, the year of magical thinking. Many of the year’s best movies exalt the metaphysical, the fantastical, the transformative, the fourth-wall-breaking, or simply the impossible, and—remarkably—do so (following Didion’s (read…)

Ryan Gosling in Nicolas Winding Refn's Drive

Travers is well known for his middle-brow tastes being in line with a certain class of Oscar voter, which is why I’m a little surprised to see Drive at the very top. The rest of this list is right in Travers’ wheelhouse though. Feel free to make your Oscar predictions just from this list. He (read…)

Despite the choice of The Social Network in the number one slot, the Villlage Voice critics poll (this year featuring 85 critics from across the country) offers up a few pleasant surprises. Check out the Village Voice for complete lists. . Film Votes Mentions 1. The Social Network 314 52 2. Carlos 247 36 3. (read…)

Waste Land – My favorite movie of 2010 Just in time for everyone to be sick of Top 10s, here’s the list of my 10 favorite films of 2010. Rather than a lot of navel gazing about the significance (or insignificance) of lists, or how some lists are better than others, or how many movies (read…)

Here’s the indieWIRE Top 10 and other awards with each pick’s total score and number of mentions. You can see the full list here. Note that The Prince of Broadway only received one more point than The Expendables and then ask yourself: “What’s wrong with this list?” The Social Network (466/71) Carlos (360/50) Winter’s Bone (read…)

Here is the best of 2010 according to Film Comment. Of their top 10, the only 2 I didn’t much care for were Wild Grass and Everyone Else, but I know critics went bat shit crazy for them so I’m not going to squeal about it. Of the rest, there are about 15 I haven’t (read…)

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