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The Help Reimagined

If you surf the movie sites much, you’ve probably seen posters similar to these, but I was in the mood for a little Photoshopping and I decided to put a little LiC spin on some of your favorite (and least favorite) Oscar nominees.

“War Horse is a great movie as long as you are a 5-year-old girl that loves horses and has never seen a movie before.” Oderus Urungus, GWAR That cracks me up even though I’m a guy who is older than 5, who has seen several movies yet still finds War Horse moving and lovely. via: (read…)

Which is to say, not at all. At first I thought this was a parody of what a Schwarzenegger commentary might be like, but no. It’s real. And this is the guy who everyone is excited about making a comeback. Seriously, you’ve gone through puberty now. Move on. via: Vulture

Alec Baldwin can’t sing, but he does a fantastic Tony Bennett anyway. In ten years maybe we can count on Ben & Jerry’s Drenched Kulats. Stranger things have happened.

Heh, heh. “Brown snuggie.” via: SlashFilm

Thanks to Joel for the heads up.

This is a version of Yogi Bear I’d pay cash money to see which is more than I can say about the real version coming to theaters this weekend. Revisit the scene it’s riffing off of after the jump:

This is 37% funnier if you wasted hours and hours of the late 80’s playing Nintendo like I did, but I think it’s still pretty funny. I love the big boss finale. via: Vimeo. Thanks to Joel for the heads up.

This is the perfect movie-related post to honor Spirit Day. What the hell is Spirit Day? Well it’s today and according to GLAAD, you’re supposed to wear purple not only to honor the teenagers who have taken their own lives in recent weeks as a result of anti-LGBT bullying, but as “a way to show (read…)

Banksy, the graffiti artist behind one of the best documentaries of 2010, Exit Through the Gift Shop, provides a hilarious storyboard for the opening of The Simpsons. Warning: video may include disturbing scenes of panda and unicorn slave labor. The YouTube version was taken down so I’ve replaced it with the Hulu version. via: Rope of Silicon

via: Spout

It’s funny even when rendered in tiny plastic interlocking toys from Denmark. via: Geekosystem

The part with the well got me. Go Team USA! via: Poland

Combining the cute factor of the breeder porn hit Babies with everyone’s favorite yellow and gold metal suit wearing superhero, it’s Iron Baby. Bunnies beware. via: Movie City Indie

At first I thought this was going to be funnier on paper than in practice – the guy wasn’t quite getting Herzog’s accent right –  but slowly it started to make me laugh. “Nossing in ze brutal, primeval jungle could prepare George for ze terrible vast uncaringness of ze sea. Upon being rescued and pulled (read…)

I was on board Red Letter Media’s 70-minute take-down of Phantom Menace from a few months back for about 25 or 30 minutes. It was clever and made some excellent points, but I realized after a couple of segments that I just didn’t care all that much. I watched about 5 minutes of RLM’s newest, (read…)

Funny or Die This made me laugh. via: Vulture

This is very silly, but in this late hour it made me laugh. My favorite part is Rhett seemingly emerging from a coffin. via: Mr. Joe Leydon

The trailer mash-up thing is pretty well played out, but this one made me smile and that’s just what this Tuesday morning needed.

Everyone knows you’re not supposed to feed a Gremlin after midnight, but it turns out you should also avoid giving Ewoks martinis before noon. Today Show space filler Al Roker learned this the hard way as one of the horny little bastards humped his leg on this morning’s Halloween episode after breaking into mom and (read…)

South Park takes on The Cove

With people trying to turn “Chaos Reigns” from Lars Von Trier’s Antichrist into a t-shirt friendly catch phrase, it was probably inevitable that some smarty would make the connection between Antichrist, Willem Dafoe, talking foxes and Wes Anderson’s Fantastic Mr. Fox… and now Peter Debruge has. It’s not embeddable, but it’s sort of funny. Check (read…)

Birthday Suit from Jason Lewis Thanks to the miracle of modern special effects, Jeffrey Wells finally gets his wish! (He’s still wrong about the ending of 3:10 to Yuma though). via: Filmmaker Magazine

I promised myself I wasn’t going to watch another one of these goddamn viral Downfall mashups, but people kept telling me this one was awesome. Maybe it’s because I haven’t seen one for months or maybe the writing is just especially good, but this one made me laugh. A lot. Rather than repost all the (read…)

Cinemash presents Sid and Nancy starring (500) Days of Summer’s Joseph Gordon-Leavitt and Zooey Deshchanel.

A little 4th of July comedy inspired by the movie ‘300.’ Happy 4th.

It’s a slow news day and I have no opinion on the Total Recall remake, the release date for the Stretch Armstrong movie, the Valley Girl “musical feature”, another Scream trilogy or Catherine Hardwick and Emile Hirsch’s modern take on Hamlet, so I give you this bit of YouTube mash-up humor by way of Cinematical. (read…)

Here are Zachary Quinto and Chris Pine on Saturday Night Live defending the new Star Trek to some of the hard core fans who have a problem with the film. Do those people exist? Really? Yeah, the movie actually had more humor in it than this or any typical episode of the modern SNL. Now (read…)

This makes my inner nerd happy. It makes my outer nerd go “Wait a minute, that storm trooper doesn’t sound quite right…” but then my inner tough guy pantses me and stuffs me in my locker. Via: Current (by way of Cinematical)

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