Rolling Stone has a video of John Hawkes in the studio singing Jackson Frank’s “Marcy’s Song.” In the film, cult leader Jack (played by Hawkes) sings this song to Martha (played by Elizabeth Olsen) whom he has renamed Marcy May. It’s one of the more haunting moments in an excellent film full of them. Martha (read…)

I didn’t see a lot of animation in 2010, but I have a hard time believing there’s one out there I’d have liked better than How to Train Your Dragon (**** 1/2). I did see both Toy Story 3 (****) and The Illusionist (***) which are the favored picks among the cool kids, but neither (read…)

Action on the movie front is reduced to a crawl between Christmas and New Year’s Eve and it leaves my brain open to having songs like the above stuck in it. I don’t want to go quietly insane by myself, so I’m sharing it with you. Enjoy! Elsewhere, things are so slow that folks are (read…)

Do You Know How Christmas Trees are Grown?

Here’s I SEE YOU, Leona Lewis’ artificially heartfelt single for James Cameron’s AVATAR. Ugh. The fan boys will have a high time crapping on this one

We know Daniel Day-Lewis can act, but how well does he sing in NINE? Also numbers from Penelope Cruz, Judi Dench and Sophia Loren.

Have a listen to Jack White and Alicia Keys singing the theme song to the new James Bond movie while you still can. I like it much better than the last one, but I’ll need time to listen to it before I can compare it to the classics. Still, it’s better than I feared when I (read…)

No, LiC hasn’t sold out to the Coca Cola company, but this new Coke Zero/Quantum of Solace tie-in spot is done up (not very well) in the spirit of a James Bond opening credit sequence and, more importantly, it features a taste of Jack White’s theme song.

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