Cast and Crew of Inside Llewyn Davis at Cannes

Film cast – Photocall – Inside Llewyn Davis © FDC / T. Delange The latest episode of Oscar Podcast with Sasha Stone and Ryan Adams of Awards Daily is in the can. Can you believe we’ve done 31 of these? This week we give a little wrap up on the sights and sounds of Cannes (read…)

Suraj Sharma in Ang Lee's "Life of Pi"

Oscar Podcast turns 16 this week. Once again I join Awards Daily’s Sasha Stone and Ryan Adams to shoot the awards shiz. Erik Anderson of the Awards Daily Forums makes it a round number. This episode is kind of a pre-Golden Globe quickie. First we do a little postmortem on last week’s Oscar nominations and (read…)

80th Academy Awards Rehearsals Monday

Join Sasha, Ryan and me for the last Oscar Podcast of 2012. This week we toss out our predictions for the WGA, PGA and ADG nominations coming later this week. We also find ourselves discussing the Zero Dark Thirty controversy… AGAIN! As always you can subscribe to the podcast on iTunes. If you’re like me (read…)

Jamie Foxx and Leonardo DiCaprio in Quentin Tarantino's "Django Unchained" (2012)

Would you believe we’ve racked up 12 of these things? In a row? Among other things, this week Sasha, Ryan and I talk about Django Unchained, the bloodiest Christmas movie you’re likely to see and we go over the controversy currently bubbling up around Zero Dark Thirty. By my watch, this one clocks in around (read…)

Oscar Podcast

This week’s Oscar Podcast features 100% less blowjob action than last time. You can decide for yourself whether that’s a good thing or bad. The focus this week is mainly looking for meaning in the slew of critics’ awards that have come down the chute in the last week with an eye toward the upcoming (read…)

Zero Dark Thirty

Navy SEALS track Oscar and prepare to shoot it in the face Up until now, it’s all been so much echoing in the chamber that is Oscar, but starting tomorrow (at what’ll seem like Zero Dark Thirty for those of us on the West Coast), news will start trickling in about about how the New (read…)

Oscar Podcast

Oscar Podcast Episode 9 has been unleashed upon the world for your gratification. Once again I join Awards Daily team Sasha Stone and Ryan Adams and we share our enthusiasm for Ang Lee’s beautiful and moving Life of Pi, Kathryn Bigelow’s fantastic hunt for Bin Laden thriller Zero Dark Thirty. Somewhere in between we sit (read…)

Oscar Podcast

Episode 8 of Oscar Podcast where I once again join Ryan Adams and Sasha Stone of Awards Daily to shoot the Oscar doo doo. This week we dig into Lincoln and Silver Linings Playbook and then we take a stab at early predictions of the NBR and the NY and LA film critics.

Oscar Podcast

Check out the newest episode of Oscar Podcast with Awards Daily and yours truly. This week we’re joined by Erik Anderson who runs the Awards Daily forums to discuss the current state of the race and we also talk about Hitchcock, The Sessions and a bit more on Anna Karenina.

Oscar Podcast

Don’t be daunted by the nearly 2 hour run time of this episode. The whole second half is just Sasha, Ryan and I bitching about politics, because honestly nothing else really seems to matter right now – certainly not the awards race. If you don’t care about Oscars, you could certainly skip ahead to the (read…)

Oscar Podcast

This week on the Oscar Podcast, Sasha, Ryan and I talk mostly about the Best Actor race – Daniel Day Lewis, Joaquin Phoenix, Denzel Washington – and we air out Elvis Mitchell’s wonderful interview with Phoenix in Interview Magazine. I highly recommend you check out the interview whether you listen to the podcast or not.

Oscar Podcast

Here’s Episode 3 of the Oscar Podcast wherein I join Sasha Stone and Ryan Adams of Awards Daily to talk about movies with an eye toward the coming awards season. This week we noodle around a little in the weekend box office numbers looking for signs of life, I report back to Sasha and Ryan (read…)

Oscar Podcast

Sasha, Ryan and I managed another episode without anyone losing an eye. We kick off this week talking about the ramifications of Oscar moving the nominations announcement ahead 5 days, we discuss the cinematic goodness (and Oscar potential) of Ben Affleck’s Argo and we dig in to the Sundance best director award-winner Ava DuVernay’s lovely (read…)

Oscar Podcast

So… here we go again. Sort of. I didn’t mention this before because I wasn’t entirely sure if this was going to turn into a regular thing. You may recall previous attempts by the same parties to do a podcast, but consistency never proved to be one of our strongest virtues. In the mean time, (read…)

Be forewarned, this is apparently an extra long edition of the 3-Way Moviegasm. It turns out Sasha, Ryan and I all enjoy talking to each other and we tend to go on on. While much ends up on the editing room floor, yet the hunk of marble still remains. This episode we talk about Rod (read…)

I met fellow bloggers Marco and Rebecka Duran over the summer at the Los Angeles Film Festival and they were kind enough to invite me to join them for an episode of their weekly podcast over at The Projection Room. We talked about Brad Pitt’s new release Moneyball and the certifiable film classic The Maltese (read…)

It’s back! I don’t know if this is a one shot, or if we’re ready to get back in a regular swing or what, but I sat down with Sasha and Ryan of Awards Daily the other night mostly to argue about the feelgood movie of summer, The Help. We also each throw in our (read…)

Harry Nilsson’s cover of Everybody’s Talkin’ which was used to great effect in 1969 Best Picture winner Midnight Cowboy. I like looking back at Oscar history much better than sifting through the leavings of the current race. Regardless of what you think of the choices that were or were not made, the winners, losers and (read…)

The Three-Way Moviegasm Podcast is back with Episode #8. There is too much goodness to be safely swallowed in one go so it’s been broken into two serving sized parts for the timid. Clocking in at nearly 47 minutes, part one covers The Kids Are All Right (available on DVD today) with an emphasis on (read…)

Unbeknownst to me, Episode 7 of the Three-Way Moviegasm between me and Awards Daily’s Sasha Stone and Ryan Adams went up on Saturday. This week we talk about Oscar year 1938 when The Life of Emile Zola won Best Picture, but Leo McCarey won Best Director for The Awful Truth. Next I try to convince (read…)

In the spirit of Halloween, Sasha Stone, Ryan Adams and I talk about some of our favorite scary movies. Listen below or check us out on iTunes. Happy Halloween! [podcast][/podcast]

It’s time again for The Three-Way Moviegasm with Awards Daily hosts Sasha Stone and Ryan Adams plus your truly. This week: (0:00 – 14:30) Celebrating the DVD release of my favorite movie of the year: Winter’s Bone (14:30 – 30:40) A taste of what to expect from Danny Boyle’s survival story 127 Hours starring James (read…)

The latest episode of The Three Way Moviegasm is live and available for downloading. Joining me once again for a lively chat about movies are Sasha Stone and Ryan Adams of Awards Daily. This week: Fighting the bad buzz around Hereafter (0:00 – 22:00) Making the case for How to Train Your Dragon (22:00 – (read…)

The third episode of the Awards Daily/Living in Cinema 3-Way Moviegasm Podcast is live. Once again your hosts are Sasha Stone, Ryan Adams, and me. This week we talk some of the blow back against The Social Network, Oscar blogging, the Eliot Spitzer doc Client 9 and I say a little bit about next week’s (read…)

It’s a day late and very short, but here’s Episode 2 of The Moviegasm starring Sasha Stone, Ryan Adams and yours truly. A couple of illnesses, crammed schedules and a chain reaction screw job of technical difficulties have conspired to keep this, our second shot at the whole podcasting thing, a little briefer than we’d (read…)

Behold: Episode 1 of the Awards Daily/Living in Cinema Three-Way Moviegasm wherein I join the Dynamic Duo behind Awards Daily, the mellifluous Sasha Stone and the roguishly charming Ryan Adams, for a weekly chat about what’s doing in movies. With two experts in the mix, our talk will naturally gravitate toward the Oscars, especially during awards season, but (read…)

That’s right. Awards Daily’s Sasha Stone has convinced me to join her and her AD partner Ryan Adams in a little hard core movie chat action. This time of year the focus will naturally fall back on awards season, but the plan is to round it out with a more general approach to the movie conversation. (read…)

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