Just for shits and giggles, let’s take a stab at the Spirit Awards. I predict a big night for Beasts of the Southern Wild, but just watch them tumble big for Silver Linings Playbook instead. God help us. Picture: Beasts of the Southern Wild Director: Benh Zeitlin Screenplay: Moonrise Kingdom First Feature: Perks of Being (read…)

Ben Affleck and Bryan Cranston in "Argo" (2012)

I have to admit my enthusiasm for this year’s race cooled when it became clear my pick for the best of the nominees had been swift-boated with an assist by a bunch of lefty crybabies with political axes to grind. The irony here is that Zero Dark Thirty made a stronger and more vivid case (read…)

Ben Affleck and Bryan Cranston in "Argo" (2012)

Here are my prediction for the upcoming Producers Guild of America and Screen Actors Guild awards which will be playing out this weekend – PGA Saturday, SAG Sunday. PGA Best Picture: Argo PGA Animated: Wreck-it Ralph PGA Documentary: Searching for Sugar Man SAG Ensemble: Silver Linings Playbook SAG Actor: Daniel Day-Lewis, Lincoln SAG Actress: Jennifer (read…)


So, the Oscar nominations are going down tomorrow at the crack of dawn on the West Coast and these are my predictions. The only picks that are sort of out in left field are the #9 spot in Best Picture for The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel and even more so the #5 spot in Supporting (read…)

In previous years, the Directors Guild Nominations would come down before Oscar ballots were due so one assumed they might have an impact on the race. This year, the Oscar ballots are already turned in so at best tomorrow’s nominations might help us gauge industry sentiment from the POV of one particular guild. Unlike the (read…)

Zero Dark Thirty

Navy SEALS track Oscar and prepare to shoot it in the face Up until now, it’s all been so much echoing in the chamber that is Oscar, but starting tomorrow (at what’ll seem like Zero Dark Thirty for those of us on the West Coast), news will start trickling in about about how the New (read…)

The Artist Oscar

And so we’re down to the big awards: Supporting Actor, Supporting Actress, Actor, Actress, Director and Picture. There are a couple of categories perceived as possibly going a couple of different ways, but there really doesn’t seem like a lot of room for surprise or excitement at the top of the ballot. It’s tempting to (read…)

Chico & Rita

Animated Feature Oscar nominee Chico & Rita Today I take a look at some of the most notoriously difficult categories to predict: Foreign Language Film, Animated Feature, Documentary Feature, Live Action Short, Animated Short and Documentary Short. If you can predict these correctly at your Oscar party, friends and loved ones will be in awe. (read…)

The Tree of Life

After dispensing yesterday with the awards mostly like to inspire trips to the kitchen or bathroom, today I get into the higher profile technical awards: Song, Original Score, Editing, Cinematography, Adapted Screenplay and Original Screenplay.

Asa Butterfield and Chloe Grace Moretz in Martin Scorsese's Hugo

It’s been a pretty dull and inconsequential awards season this year. Once again Oscar seems headed toward the nice but resolutely middle of the road and ultimately forgettable. I’m not really complaining. The fact that The Tree of Life (my personal pick for the best film of the year) even got a nomination feels like (read…)

Historically, I’m not great at making Oscar predictions, but I can’t resist doing it. I don’t think there is anything out of the ordinary in my upper ballot predictions, though I know if it really turns out to be a Hurt Locker night as I’m expecting that it will probably also win screenplay. Down ballot (read…)

I think Awards Daily’s Sasha Stone secretly enjoys having me publicly humiliate myself because from time to time she asks me to join her and her infinitely smarter awards watching collegues in making predictions about this or that award. Other than predicting that it will probably be sunny in Los Angeles tomorrow, I’m not so (read…)

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