The fine folks at Shorts International and Magnolia Pictures are once again rolling out the Oscar nominated shorts this year beginning on February 11 including to “highly commended” bonus animated shorts. You can also download them from iTunes or watch them On Demand beginning February 15. This is the first year that the short documentaries (read…)

Here’s the biggest and (for my money) best Sundance survey I’ve put together so far this year. In addition to the latest films from Azazel Jacobs (Momma’s Man) and Jeff Nichols (Shotgun Stories), Miguel Arteta (Chuck and Buck, Youth in Revolt) lightens things up with Ed Helms in Cedar Rapids and Kevin Spacey makes a (read…)

Unless you lived in Washington in the late ’80s and early ’90s like I did, you probably have no idea who Booth Gardner is. Suffice it to say he was Washington’s 2-term Republican governor and instantly forgettable as far as history is concerned. Unfortunately for Mr. Gardner, he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in 1994, (read…)

Issue-oriented films are a tricky business. Too often the message comes before the filmmaking and they both end up suffering. Ron Krauss’ short film Amexica, which humanizes the disturbing phenomenon of human trafficking, is the rare film that works pretty well on both levels. Nicely shot on 35mm and convincingly performed by Joseph Ferrante and (read…)

Shorts International, the fine folks who bring the Oscar nominated shorts to theaters every year are continuing their support of the short film format with The Continuing and Lamentable Saga of The Suicide Brothers. It’ll be available for purchase via iTunes beginning tomorrow. Suicide Brothers is a blackly comic quickie made by and starring Rupert (read…)

Here’s a Martin Scorsese directed commercial for Bleu de Chanel set to one of my favorite early Rolling Stones barn burners: a cover of the simple yet driving She Said Yeah. A bit of punk before there was punk.

Ok, technically it’s a 16 minute commercial for Lady Dior and part of the ongoing Marion Cotillard campaign. Apparently the folks at Dior told Lynch he could do anything he wanted as long as he showed the Dior handbag and featured Shanghai’s Pearl Tower. When one is presented with another slice of David Lynch’s imagination, (read…)

The best part of stuntman-turned-director Nash Edgerton’s decent but a bit overrated neo-noir The Square was his 2007 short film Spider which played before. As I said elsewhere, the Hitchcock-like cameo the short inspired was also a highlight of the longer film. Rather than spoil the fun by too much set up, I’ll just leave (read…)

I’ve noticed a lot more traffic with the assorted items I’ve posted on the Oscar shorts this year (this despite actively disliking the eventual animated winner) and apparently the general interest has translated into measurable box office for Shorts International and Magnolia Pictures, the folks who have been bringing the nominees to theaters the last (read…)

This press release announcing the arrival tomorrow of the Oscar nominated short films on cable for the first time just dropped into my inbox. Check out my thoughts on the animated and live-action shorts and then watch them in the comfort of your own home. “THE OSCAR® NOMINATED SHORT FILMS 2010” ARRIVE ON CABLE Academy’s (read…)

Ok, you’ve seen how I think the race for the short film Oscars is going to shape up and you’ve maybe even had a chance to see the films yourself. Now head over to Shorts International (the fine folks who’ve brought them to theaters and iTunes for your enjoyment), click on “predict” and vote which (read…)

Overall I liked the animated shorts better than their live-action cousins (reviewed here). As far as Oscar predictions go however, my confidence level is about zero. With my top two picks I fear I’m bending Academy taste to fit my own. Nevertheless, here they are in the order I think they’re most likely to win (read…)

Here’s a look at this year’s crop of Oscar nominated live-action short films. Remember these will be playing in theaters (alongside the animated shorts in a separate program) beginning Friday, February 19th. They will also be available through iTunes and VOD. For more information about the films themselves and where you can see them, check (read…)

A friend of mine, the multi-talented Hilliard Guess, will be showing his new short film Troublesome in Hollywood on February 17, 2010. Hilliard wrote, produced and directed the film which tells the story of a hip-hop superstar (Kareem Grimes) trapped on a subway car with his celebrity therapist (Dynasty‘s Gordon Thomson). As the oxygen level (read…)

Press Release For Immediate Release Shorts International and Magnolia Pictures present “The Oscar® Nominated Short Films 2010” In theatres February in the United States, Canada and United Kingdom LONDON, UK, 29th January 2010 – Shorts International and Magnolia Pictures will once again bring the wildly popular Oscar® nominated short film programme (Live-Action and Animation) to (read…)

From Awards Daily, here’s this year’s list of the 10 films that have been short-listed for the Live Action Short Oscar: The Door, Juanita Wilson The Ground Beneath, Rene Hernandez Hotel, Tim Conrad Instead of Abracadabra, Patrik Eklund Kavi, Gregg Helvey Miracle Fish, Luke Doolan The New Tenants, Joachim Back The Response, Adam Rodgers, director (read…)

The short-listed animated short Oscar candidates.

iTunes has the new Spinal Tap short ‘Stonehenge: Tis a Magic Place’

Here’s Neill Blomkamp’s impressive short film that first got him the gig directing Peter Jackson’s adaptation of Halo and then formed the basis for District 9 when the Halo project fell through. This has been floating around on the internet for at least a couple of months, but its new to me now that I’ve (read…)

Yesterday, the Coen portion of For Each His Own Cinema (Chacun son cinéma) turned up on YouTube and now here’s David Lynch’s entry: Absurda. The short wasn’t finished in time to play with the contributions from the other directors so it was screened on opening night before Wong Kar-wai’s My Blueberry Nights instead. What’s the (read…)

This short film from Joel and Ethan Coen was produced in 2007 as part of For Each His Own Cinema (Chacun son cinéma), a collection of 3 minute films from famous directors commissioned for the 60th Anniversary of the Cannes Film Festival. It stars Josh Brolin, actor-turned-producer-turned-director of Men Who Stare at Goats Grant Heslov, (read…)

via: Press Release Shorts International, the UK based company which brings the Oscar nominated short films to US theaters every year has launched ShortsHD on the AT&T U-verse  service. Described as “the world’s first HD channel dedicated to short movies,” ShortsHD runs 30 – 60 minute blocks of short films in categories including Animate!, Comedy, (read…)

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