Rear Window Timelapse from Jeff Desom on Vimeo. So, this guy took all the different courtyard shots in Alfred Hitchcock’s Rear Window, stabilized them with After Effects and stitched them together to create this time lapse view of the events in the film. It’s oddly entertaining to watch. A bit more info here.  

Tree of Life

“Mysterious, unexpected things occur that you can’t design and you can’t think up and you can’t draw.” – Douglas Trumbull on the benefits of practical special effects. One of my favorite parts of The Tree of Life is the opening segment with the awe inspiring images of space and of the infinite going in both (read…)

Another video that’s been kicking around for at least a few days. This Michel Gondry “sweded” version of Martin Scorsese’s Taxi Driver (starring Gondry himself) played before the French premiere of Hugo. via: Playlist

Yeah, I know this is a week old… via: Vulture

Magic & Light: The Films of Steven Spielberg, Chapter 1

[Note: The embed is wigging out on IE8 so just go to Press Play for Chapter 1 and for Chapter 2] Behold, Press Play and indieWIRE present chapter 1 of Magic and Light: The Films of Steven Spielberg. A fitting subject around here this month, no? Individual episodes were written by Matt Zoller Seitz, Ali (read…)

tip: Playlist

I think Kevin B. Lee is reading a little too much into Spielberg’s fascination with the human face, but it’s a cool video. Matt Singer at IFC (from where I got this) dug it, perhaps you will too.

To celebrate the release of the book Saul Bass: A Life in Film & Design, the editor of the website Art of the Title Ian Albinson has put together a video celebration of Saul Bass’ many great designs. Check it out.

The latest in Matt Zoller Seitz’s video essays on the films of Terrence Malick went up today at Moving Image Source. Check out Part 1 above and Part 2 after the jump. Be sure to read what he has to say about the film at the original source and also catch links to the other (read…)

Seriously, don’t watch this if moldery germ goo gives you the creeping willies.

There are 51 films showcased in this 10 minute video essay (now after the jump until I can figure out how to turn off autoplay) including the one that plays over the closing credits. With a few exceptions, most are of the arthouse variety. See how many you can name. I missed 4 total – (read…)

Matt Zoller Seitz, Aaron Aradillas and Steven Santos present “Lock and Load,” a look at guns in movies. via: Capital

This is what you’d call a slow news day, moviewise. Luckily over at Moving Image Source, Matt Zoller Seitz and Aaron Aradillas have posted the sixth and final part of their video essay Razzle Dazzle – Fame Through the Movies. What’s that you ask? Well, the introduction is above, but basically it’s an exploration of (read…)

This falls a bit outside of the usual LiC oeuvre, but maybe it shouldn’t. Clever and creative people rule and this video made me happy. It’s worth more than just a tweet. via: Vulture And thanks to Awards Daily pal Ryan Adams for pointing me to the How They Did It video which is just (read…)

Unlike the best mash-ups, this piece doesn’t really add a new layer to either of the mashees, but it’s still a fairly cleverly edited compilation of some of my all time favorite movies and therefore completely entertaining and watchable. Also, it borrows Handel’s Sarabande which was so memorably put to use in Stanley Kubrick’s Barry (read…)

Joel called my intention to this video essay on “the following shot” that Matt Zoller Seitz did for The L Magazine (by way of The House Next Door). Says Mr. Zoller Seitz: “I love this shot because it’s neither first-person nor third; it makes you aware of a character’s presence within the movie’s physical world (read…)

So, it turns out I wasn’t the only one who was irritated when young Kirk was driving the old Corvette with the Beastie Boys cranked on the stereo in J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek movie. It was silly (as was most of the whole young Kirk business), but it wasn’t a movie-breaker for me and not (read…)

This makes my inner nerd happy. It makes my outer nerd go “Wait a minute, that storm trooper doesn’t sound quite right…” but then my inner tough guy pantses me and stuffs me in my locker. Via: Current (by way of Cinematical)

“From now on, if I undertake a new project, I’m going to try to know how I can do it with almost no money. I don’t want this financing thing to stand in the way of making the movie. I’m trying to think of subjects that can be done small, in addition to a bigger (read…)

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