Black Swan (2010)

A sensuous and darkly beautiful psycho-sexual fairytale with a fantastic central performance by Natalie Portman.

BIFA Nominations: Fish Tank 8, Moon 7

Double BIFA nominee Katie Jarvis in Andrea Arnold’s Fish Tank This is the part where we start pausing and mentioning just about every awards and festival recognition that comes across the transom. Here are the British Independent Film Awards. Andrea Arnold’s Fish Tank, which I finally saw last night and will be writing about soon, (read…)

Review: Moon (2009) *** 1/2

Plenty has been made of the fact that Duncan Jones is David Bowie’s son. Those who think they live in an orderly, connected universe look to Bowie’s Space Oddity or his Ziggy Stardust phase or his starring role in The Man Who Fell to Earth as possible sources of inspiration. That’s not only unfair to (read…)

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