The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (2011)

“Lisbeth, oh Lisbeth. Say, have you met Lisbeth, Lisbeth the dragon-tattooed lady?” The biggest mystery behind David Fincher’s icy thriller The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is why the auteur felt the need to remake the adequate if unspectacular Swedish original in the first place. After seeing the movie itself, that question remains unanswered. It’s (read…)

The Adventures of Tintin (2011)

[Note: This review was written based on a 2D presentation of The Adventures of Tintin as seen on a DVD screener which I freely admit is no way to properly appreciate such a richly visual movie. I probably shouldn’t even run this review, and if I hadn’t liked the film I wouldn’t, but I’ll be (read…)

Teaser Trailer: Cowboys & Aliens

I’ve been a little skeptical about Cowboys & Aliens. It sounds like another expensive Universal hybrid that will bomb because they don’t know how to sell it. I have to admit though that the trailer looks like a lot of fun. I was expecting something jokier; something along the lines of Wild Wild West, but (read…)

First Look: Daniel Craig in Jon Favreau’s ‘Cowboys & Aliens’

Daniel Craig stars as Jake Lonergan in Universal Pictures and DreamWorks’ Cowboys & Aliens, directed by Jon Favreau. I assume this has something to do with Comic Con. I don’t know, but it just landed in my inbox and it’s a slow news Saturday so what the hell? Based on the graphic novel by Scott (read…)

BS Watch: My Fair Lady – Pick a star, start a rumor

The real question is, who HASN’T been lined up to direct or star in the rumored My Fair Lady remake?

Variety stoops to questions shouted at celebs by fans

You expect this sort of thing on a slow news day from any of the thousands of websites that report movie news, but Variety? Really? For starters, even if Daniel Craig is correct, is it really news that Bond 23 starts filming next year? With Peter Morgan hired as the screenwriter over the summer, you (read…)

Holiday Forecast: Happy New Year

Daniel Craig in Defiance Because of the holiday, the new release calendar is kind of in limbo, but two movies are being released today in New York and Los Angeles with misguided hopes for some kind of Oscar action. Suffice it to say that one is called Good and the other is just bad. Defiance. (read…)

Trailer #2: Defiance

Here’s the second trailer for Edward Zwick’s Defiance. I’m not a huge Zwick fan (Glory, Blood Diamond) but I have to say this looks like his most promising film for a while.  Perhaps it’s the cast including Daniel Craig, Liev Schreiber and Jamie Bell or maybe it’s the WWII milieu. Defiance will make its world (read…)

AFI Fest to close with ‘Defiance’

Edward Zwick’s Defiance has been added to the growing list of films slated to play the upcoming AFI Fest in Los Angeles. Making its world premiere as AFI’s closing night gala, the film stars Daniel Craig, Liev Schreiber and Jamie Bell as three Polish brothers who form a resistance against the Nazis during World War II. (read…)

007 Ditches Martini for Jack and Coke

No, LiC hasn’t sold out to the Coca Cola company, but this new Coke Zero/Quantum of Solace tie-in spot is done up (not very well) in the spirit of a James Bond opening credit sequence and, more importantly, it features a taste of Jack White’s theme song.

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