Spielberg boards Crichton’s posthumous ‘Pirate Latitudes’

Spielberg is developing an adaptation of Michael Crichton’s upcoming posthumous novel Pirate Latitudes and he may end up directing. Is this a good thing or a bad thing?

Why we like Stellan Skarsgard

Speaking to Sweden’s SVT, Angels & Demons actor Stellan Skarsgård had this to say about the book’s author: “I think Dan Brown is a terribly bad writer, but he has cliffhangers after every chapter which makes you continue reading. It’s like eating peanuts at a bar. You don’t like them, but you keep on eating (read…)

Review: Ghost Town (2008) *** 1/2

Popular comedies are a tricky business. If they’re too quirky, they’re liable to limit themselves to a niche audience. Smooth off too many rough edges however, and they risk turning to cinematic sponge cake — formless, lifeless and lacking in character. Occasionally a comedy will hit a sweet spot where it satisfies expectations yet remains (read…)

LiC 2008 Fall Forecast: September

George Clooney and Frances McDormand in Burn After Reading You can almost hear the air being let out of the summer movie season. Overall it was a pretty decent four months of movies, but I for one am glad to see it coming to an end. Now it’s time to look forward to the last (read…)

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