ADG: The King’s Speech, Black Swan, Inception

The Art Directors Guild announced the 15th Annual Excellence in 2010 Production Design Awards this evening in Beverly Hills. Here are the feature film winners: Period Film: The King’s Speech – Eve Stewart Contemporary Film: Black Swan – Therese DePerez Fantasy Film: Inception – Guy Hendrix Dyas Click through for the full press release including (read…)

Sorkin/Social Network win Scripter and WGA awards

Ben Mezrich and Aaron Sorkin accept their USC Libraries Scripter Awards Aaron Sorkin and Ben Mezrich won the USC Scripter award last night for Sorkin’s screenplay The Social Network based on Mezrich’s book The Accidental Billionaires: The Founding of Facebook, A Tale of Sex, Money, Genius, and Betrayal. They beat out the screenplays and original source (read…)

Yesterday’s awards news, today! ASC chimes in.

The American Society of Cinematographers nominate their own for 2010. I don’t have a complaint about any of these. How about you? Matthew Libatique, Black Swan Wally Pfister, Inception Danny Cohen, The King’s Speech Jeff Cronenweth, The Social Network Roger Deakins, True Grit via: Awards Daily

DVD Pipeline: Inception, Restrepo and more

I skipped last week’s DVD column because there simply wasn’t anything worth mentioning. Once again, this isn’t an all inclusive DVD listing but rather a spotlight on the notable releases coming on Tuesday. If nothing here grabs you, be sure to check out LiC’s On DVD page which aggregates the last few DVD columns followed by (read…)

Inception meets Paprika

I’m pretty much bored of talking about Inception, but if nothing else consider this a plug for Satoshi Kon’s terrific yet underseen Paprika. It didn’t make the year-end top 10 list for 2007, but it’s one of my favorites of that year and I thought about it a number of times while watching Nolan’s hit. (read…)

Inception (2010)

Brimming with nifty dreamscape set pieces, Inception is a complicated and occasionally thrilling psychic roller coaster built around the idea that a person’s dreams can be invaded and manipulated and that the thoughts, memories and ideas contained within can be extracted. Despite all its intricately layered puzzle box trappings however, it is at its heart (read…)

Trailer #3: Inception

For some reason they didn’t play this before my screening of Iron Man 2. Thank the movie gods for that. Don’t let that stop you though. You can watch it at Awards Daily. Apparently this was revealed by playing the dippy online Inception viral.

Trailer: Inception

If you’re already on board Inception, I’d recommend skipping the trailer, but if you’re curious check it out at Apple or stream it after the jump.

French Trailer: Inception (Incursion)

— Remove by request of Warner Bros. — Update: Not too surprisingly, Warner Bros. has methodically tracked down all copies of the trailer. I’m sure it’ll turn up officially sooner rather than later. I rarely bother with foreign language trailers, but this one benefits in two ways: 1) French always sounds super cool and 2) (read…)

Poster #2: Inception

There’s a second poster for Christopher Nolan’s Inception. Click the image above to see the whole thing or head over to First Showing for an explanation of the viral fun leading to it. Am I going to post every Inception image that comes down the pipeline? Hell no, but you can check out the first (read…)

Poster: Inception

First Showing spills the beans on a new viral game for Christopher Nolan’s Inception. You might remember the teaser trailer/freak out I posted back in August. The fun begins here, but if you don’t have the patience or desire to screw around you can click the image above for the reward which is the first (read…)

Avoiding ‘Inception’ spoilers just got harder

Christopher Nolan has done a remarkable job keeping a lid on the details of his upcoming sci-fi psychological suspense flick Inception, but here we are a year away from the film’s release and cats are being let out of bags. Hints have been dropped here and there, but In Contention’s Kris Tapley claims to have (read…)

Teaser Trailer: Inception

The teaser trailer for Christopher Nolan’s sci-fi mystery thriller Inception pretty much kicked Avatar‘s ass in the trailer duel before Inglourious Basterds on Thursday night and it got the best crowd reaction. People laughed though because it played right after Shutter Island which also stars Leonardo DiCaprio. I was a little disappointed it didn’t run (read…)

‘Glourious’ Friday

I’m still mulling over Inglourious Basterds, but the good news is that it’s terrific. It’s much slower, talkier and in a way more serious than I expected, but damnit it works. I haven’t dug into the negative reviews yet, but its safe to say a certain movie blogger who was morally outraged by the movie (read…)

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