Review: Up in the Air (2009) ****

Review of Jason Reitman’s UP IN THE AIR starring George Clooney, Vera Farmiga, Anna Kendrick and Jason Bateman.

Trailer: The Invention of Lying

The trailer for the upcoming Ricky Gervais comedy The Invention of Lying.

Review: State of Play (2009) *** 1/2

Russell Crowe and Ben Affleck in State of Play Condensed from the well-regarded 2003 BBC miniseries of the same name, Kevin (Last King of Scotland) MacDonald’s State of Play is a competent if unspectacular thriller in the journo-politico mold. While it never achieves the heights of genre classics like All the President’s Men, it manages (read…)

Trailer: Extract

It’s a few day sold, but here’s a teaser for the latest comedy from Mike Judge (Office Space). Also available at Apple. I like the cast, but I don’t trust trailers for comedies. Extract is scheduled for release September 4, but if the distribution is mangled as badly as Office Space, you’ll have to catch (read…)

Weekend Forecast: 5/11/07

The real question is how much Spider-Man 3 will drop off from last weekend’s record, but here’s what else is opening. In wide release: Delta Farce: A new Larry the Cable Guy movie, because, you know, retarded 10-year-olds need comedy too.  Anyone care to bet the over/under on fart and gay jokes? Georgia Rule:  What do (read…)

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