Carlos (2010)

“My name is Carlos. You may have heard of me.” – Edgar Ramirez in Olivier Assayas’ Carlos (This review refers to the 3-part, 330 minute version of Carlos. A 166 minute version is also available) Olivier Assayas’ epic Carlos is a long but always fascinating ride that paints an entertaining and occasionally thrilling gloss on (read…)

Trailer/Poster: Olivier Assayas’ epic ‘Carlos’

Apple has the trailer (streamable after the jump) for Carlos, Olivier Assayas’ upcoming epic about the infamous terrorist Carlos the Jackal. Here’s the Apple blurb: “From the acclaimed director of IRMA VEP and SUMMER HOURS, Olivier Assayas, comes an explosive new work of astonishing scope; an epic portrayal of the notorious revolutionary and terrorist, CARLOS(played (read…)

Assayas’ ‘Carlos’ scheduled for Cannes

Olivier Assayas’ 5 1/2 hour biography of the 1970s Venezuelan terrorist Ilich Ramírez Sánchez who came to be known as ‘Carlos the Jackal’ has been added to the Cannes out of competition line-up. Planned as a three-part television broadcast in France (and at one time planned for a March release on IFC cable), a two-hour (read…)

Review: Summer Hours (2009) *****

Summer Hours opens with an image of a French country house. It flickers as if summoned from memory, but then it comes to life with the sounds of playing children. From there, even as the film’s credits roll, we’re dropped into the middle of the chaos of a celebration and we’re left to find our (read…)

In the Pipeline: Summer Hours

Jeremie Renier, Juliette Binoche and Charles Berling in Olivier Assayas’ Summer Hours Most of the movies I see in a given year settle into an amorphous middle ground somewhere between “pretty good” and “kinda bad.” A smaller number coalesce around the more extreme fringes of “awful” and “great” while in a good year there is (read…)

Trailer B: Summer Hours

The latest film from Olivier Assayas (Irma Vep, Clean)  is easily the best as-yet unreleased film I saw last year and it’s a potential candidate for my favorite film of 2009. Check the trailer out at Apple if Trailer Addict doesn’t work well for you. Summer Hours is a lovely, multi-generational portrait of life and (read…)

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