Review: Green Zone (2010) ** 1/2

Paul Greengrass’ GREEN ZONE fails both politically and as action entertainment. It wastes Chandrasekaran’s book as window dressing for a trite Hollywood thriller.

B.S. Watch: Bourne is not dead

I’ll eat a bug if they don’t end up making another movie with Jason Bourne

Greengrass officially ‘Bourne’ free

Reports of Paul Greengrass jumping ship on Bourne 4 bounced around the internet yesterday, and today BFDealMemo has Greengrass’ official non-statement/statement via Universal: You won’t find a more devoted supporter of the Bourne franchise than me. I will always be grateful to have been the caretaker to Jason Bourne over the course of The Bourne (read…)

UK Trailer: Green Zone

Collider was tipped to this UK trailer for Green Zone. I’m curious to hear from people who’ve read the book if they like it better, the same or less than the US trailer that went up yesterday. Stream it after the jump from MSN UK.

‘Green Zone’ and ‘Wolfman’ land in 2010

Wolfman starring Benicio Del Toro and Paul Greengrass’s Green Zone starring Matt Damon are getting 2010 release dates.

Greengrass ‘Chicago 7’ Rumor Quashed

Faced with the juicy rumor that Paul Greengrass (United 93, The Bourne Identity) was taking over Trial of the Chicago 7 from Steven Spielberg, CHUD’s Devin Faraci did the sensible thing and sent the man an email. Greengrass is busy in post-production with his Iraq film Green Zone starring Matt Damon, but he replied to say that, (read…)

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